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Mujoo Scone

Handmade in Hong Kong and crafted by the scone master CL, Mujoo Scone was established in Dec 2023. Our studio is located in Tsuen Wan, a certified central kitchen to ensure our scone quality and hygiene in our baking environment.

Mujoo Scone於2023年12月成立,有鬆餅大師CL於香港純手工製作。我們的烘焙工作室位於荃灣,為持牌中央廚房,以保證我們的鬆餅質量與烘焙環境的安全。

Mujoo Creative Limited

Mujoo Creative Limited is the mother company of Mujoo Scone. Our team offers professional marketing advisory for creative, arts and food industry. Our services include but not limited to marketing strategy, digital and social media, paid advertising, food photography and film shooting.

Mujoo Creative Limited是一件致力於創意、藝術和食物行業的專業市場營銷公司。我們的服務包括但不僅限於市場策略,數字和社交媒體,付費廣告,食物攝影和影片製作。

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